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By: Margie


Mountain bikers use of the Tongaat Hulett property in the Shongweni/Hillcrest area has come under review due to the increasing number of trespassing incidents being observed and unwarranted confrontations with Tongaat Hulett staff.

Tongaat Hulett has allowed mountain bikers the use of specified routes on their property within stipulated time periods and on specific days which takes cognisance of rider safety on a working farm.

The belief held by a number of the trespassers encountered that they have been mountain biking in the area for years entitling them to a right of use is erroneous and should the practice continue the area will see the complete banning of mountain bikers from the property.

EMBA, working together with Tongaat Hulett for cycling safety to exercise control over mountain bikers using the properties in Shongweni/Hillcrest and north of Durban, issues licenses to mountain bikers via the website: as well as offering day licenses at various points around the property that are convenient to riders.

EMBA, in considering the needs of mountain bikers in the Shongweni/Hillcrest area, appeals to the community spirit of all those who have been using the Tongaat Hulett property to ensure they either have a licence or a day licence before venturing onto the property to ride only the authorised routes at the specified times.


Issued by eThekweni Mountain Bike Association.

Storm Ferguson


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