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By: Margie

EMBA trails and ride times update 01 April 2021

EMBA Trails Update 01 April

Hi Members,


The Trails are reported to be fine for the weekend as they have drained very well. The Trail down from Highbury Hill has been cut and is safe to ride.

North Coast:

Alp D’Huez is very badly rutted and is not recommended. Duiker Descent, the grass is falling across the trail and the bend at the bottom is badly rutted. Ride with caution. The bottom section of the Waterworks trail, where the pallet bridge was damaged is also muddy but rideable as is the bottom of Allies Alley. Back of the Moon was recently repaired but the rail last weekend eroded part of the road, ride with caution.



Now that winter is drawing near, and the sun gets up later and sets earlier, for your own safety, Weekend & Public Holiday riding commences from 06h00 to 17h30

The Easter Weekend, from Friday to Monday inclusive will be Weekend Ride times


The North Coast will continue to be permitted midweek rides, Tuesday – Thursday, from 06h00 to 11h00

Shongweni: We were permitted Tuesday to Thursday rides, as for the North Coast, during their Off-season.  This has now lapsed, and as of today, morning rides are only permitted on Wednesdays from 06h00 to 11h00. We are currently in negotiations with the lease holders, and will update as soon as we get a final ruling on this.


Noel and Margie

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