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By: Margie

Lockdown Stage 4 update 30 April

Dear EMBA riders

As most of you know by now there has been a slight relaxation vis a vis cycling.  No communications have come in from CSA or KZN Cycling regarding any MTB riding as their efforts at this stage appear to be on permission to get away from the house and cycle (meaning road).

However, we do believe that abiding by the 5 kms limitation does not mean you cannot ride on the authorised EMBA routes. The proviso though is that you also abide by the EMBA/THS agreement and only ride the EMBA routes, where they lie within your 5kms limitation, during the agreed times.

This means that, as long as you do not break the regulations, you may use the EMBA trails.  Ie 5km from home, times etc

However!!   01, 02, 03 MAY you may ride between 0600 and 0900  (TH Weekend rules), no later than that.

I am in discussion with the Farm Leaseholders/managers to request a relaxation of the currently agreed upon WEEKDAY ride times, to allow riding according to the Govt regulated times.  I anticipate hearing on Monday.  In the interim, please don’t rush to ride on Monday morning.   I will let you know the outcome ASAP.

I have been trying to get permission for trail clearances. The current situation is that we cannot get a permit as MTBing is not an essential service (well maybe to you!), and the Farmers, while sympathetic, cannot circumvent the law to accommodate us.  I am in touch with various persons, and am hoping that, with the relaxation of the cycling rules to Stage 4, will then be able to obtain the necessary permits.  So be warned- the grass will be long, and the lantana even longer.

If any one wishes to contact me via Email  PLEASE use [email protected],  not the address

Please note that I often get remarks “I don’t got messages from you”.   Messages are posted as follows

All current permanent riders who have a valid email address, and not tossed as SPAM

Message page of the website

Both Face Book pages –  EMBA MTB KZN   and  EMBA Ethekweni Mountain Bike Association

Keep safe. Keep well

Margie +27827142471

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