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Shongweni Route closure for Hill2Hill & Safety issues North Coast

Dear Rider

Two important notices.  Please take note.
Two traffic related incidences in the Mt. Edgecombe/Umlothi area have caused Tongaat-Hulett to reroute their tractors and cane haulers.
The rerouting is having them using the under and overpasses of the M4 and N2 highways to a greater extent than previously. These are under and overpasses also used by EMBA licence holders riding along authorised routes.
Please be very aware before using any of the under and over passes and, in particular, be aware of the ongoing harvesting operations.
Remember, farm vehicles and staff always have the right of way.
Your cooperation as always is anticipated and appreciated.
Ciao, Storm
2.   Hill2Hill  route closures.
This weekend all Shongweni routes are closed because of the Hill2Hill.
ie Saturday and Sunday, 17th and 18th


Mountain bikers use of the Tongaat Hulett property in the Shongweni/Hillcrest area has come under review due to the increasing number of trespassing incidents being observed and unwarranted confrontations with Tongaat Hulett staff.

Tongaat Hulett has allowed mountain bikers the use of specified routes on their property within stipulated time periods and on specific days which takes cognisance of rider safety on a working farm.

The belief held by a number of the trespassers encountered that they have been mountain biking in the area for years entitling them to a right of use is erroneous and should the practice continue the area will see the complete banning of mountain bikers from the property.

EMBA, working together with Tongaat Hulett for cycling safety to exercise control over mountain bikers using the properties in Shongweni/Hillcrest and north of Durban, issues licenses to mountain bikers via the website: as well as offering day licenses at various points around the property that are convenient to riders.

EMBA, in considering the needs of mountain bikers in the Shongweni/Hillcrest area, appeals to the community spirit of all those who have been using the Tongaat Hulett property to ensure they either have a licence or a day licence before venturing onto the property to ride only the authorised routes at the specified times.


Issued by eThekweni Mountain Bike Association.

Storm Ferguson


Urgent notice to riders re Shongweni

Urgent Attention for Shongweni riders 
A large fire on Monday night (08 August) on the Tongaat-Hulett property has necessitated their taking urgent action to cut all the burned cane before it spoils. It has required them transporting in additional cutting and haulage teams from other farming areas to assist with this critical task. The affected cane fields and roads surrounding them will be filled with tractors and haulage teams. This is dangerous for you the rider.
Please do not ride near the burned fields or use any of the roadways nearby in order to not interrupt farming operations or place yourselves in jeopardy.
Your cooperation is anticipated and appreciated.

Tuesday 9 August- women’s day

1.   Tuesday is a public holiday.
Normal work day applies as this is a work day from Tongaat Hullett
2.  For future reference,  please regard   ALL PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 
as work days unless otherwise advised.   TH are working farmers,and Public Holidays taken by the workers are exceptional.
Tks.  Margie

The Peleton Rumour Mill

Over about 20 years being involved in cycling either as a cyclist or in admin, I have never ceased to wonder at the power of the Peleton rumour mill.  Far worse than any “Whisper Game”.

So to those who have heard rumours, let me categorically assure you that EMBA is not closing down. We are holding an early AGM to discuss various issues, but closure of EMBA IS NOT ON THE AGENDA, and will not be on the agenda.  This is only open to the various Club Reps, so we ask you to address any concerns you have to your rep and urge them to attend.  Alternatively feel free to contact me on[email protected]
Kind regards, Margie

2016 Permits

There are still permits available for 2016.  Please click on Applications if you would to

purchase one.


To All Mt. Edgecombe Riders. Please read this notice very carefully.
The initial single track section from Mt. Edgecombe is no more as development construction has now fenced off its access.
The new temporary route is as follows:
Please be aware of construction vehicles at all times. 

EMBA members please note the semi-permanent change to route access from Mt. Edgecombe

MOST IMPORTANT: Be aware that construction vehicles, taxis and farm vehicles also use the section of road you’ll now use to gain access to the sugarcane routes at Mt. Edgecombe.

Access to and exit from the sugarcane routes from Flanders Drive, Mt. Edgecombe is as follows.

1. Follow Flanders Drive over the M41 as usual and stay on it.

2. Follow Flanders Drive as it curves down to the left. Look for the arrows turing you off the road.

3. Approximately 50m down Flanders Drive there is a direction sign to Flanders Quarry. Take the road towards Flanders Quarry. Follow green arrows down the hill.

4. Stay on the road until the normal left turn to the single-track across the slatted bridge.

5. On your return use the same way to Flanders drive

DO NOT try to ride the old single-track sections as the old access point is blocked by drainage excavations for Cornubia Mall and the middle section is now being readied for a six lane bridge to be built over it.

December ride times etc

Dear Rider

Please note the following:

  • Sunday 06 December- all Shongweni routes are closed due to the Sharks Stihl MTB race.
  • 16 December- public holiday- is a normal work day for TH- weekday times apply
  • 25 December and 01 January- Weekend times apply.

There are a lot of riders who have not received their permits for one or more of the following.

EMBA not paid

Photo needed

Riders using ROAG as their club have not paid 2016  ROAG subs

Club not given

Not yet applied.


If any of these apply to you, please note that the final delivery for this year will be 21 or 22 December.  This is because so many Club reps etc will be way.  The next delivery after that will be about 06 January.


If you have not received your 2016 BLUE board you will not able to ride from 01 January until you get your new board, or unless you get a day permit.


Finally, last but definitely not least.  A very blessed Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas.  To everyone a safe holiday period.  Please avoid the morons on the road, don’t fall off your bike and every best wish for 2016.


Kind regards, Margie


Public holiday 10 August, new route and GPS coordinates

Dear Rider

  1. Monday 10 August is a public holiday. This is a normal work day for TH, therefore WEEKDAY times will apply.
  1. GPS Co-Ordinates GPS co-ordinates for the Umhlanga region have now been put up onto the website.  (  Hopefully this will assist riders, and prevent straying out of bounds.

NB   If you have a problem downloading these or any queries re these, PLEASE don’t contact me- I haven’t a clue!!

Go-To-Person is Ewan   [email protected]

We are now working on the co-ordinates for the Shongweni routes.

  1. SHONGWENI NEW ROUTE  A very big thank you to TH and the Shongweni farm manager for allowing us a new route.  This is a part of the Sharks Stihl old route, and the map is now on the website.  (

Kind regards,



Public Holiday ride times 16 June 2015 and No-Go-Zones

Dear Rider

  1. Tuesday 16 June is a Public Holiday. This is a work day for TH, therefore WeekDAY times will apply.
  1. No-Go Zones Umhlanga.  No Entry signs have been erected (copy on the website)  and a map showing the no-go areas is also now on the website:

The no-entry signs are at:

The first sign is placed on Heartbreak Hill/DSW advising riders entering from the Gateway area and crossing the cane loading zone not to turn right.

The second sign is located where groups have been taking a detour to avoid the flooded bridge.

The third sign should be a right turn arrow but Ewan has used this sign to stop riders heading into the road construction area. It may be a tad misleading. Hopefully there is an arrow pointing to the right there too.


  1. Hi All   Another missive regarding riding in the cane lands north of Mt. Edgecombe.

The development situation regarding new roads being pushed through the area makes trail retention somewhat dynamic. Fortunately it only affects the area between Spar/Flanders Centre (Remos)  and the road known as either Heartbreak Hill or DSW. Please take great care by watching out for construction vehicles while riding through here, as you look for trail entry options that may change daily.


The trail, although currently affected by cane harvesting, below the above mentioned area remains the same. There is no alternate route concession should you not want to cross the flooded river, other than to enter the northern routes via Herrwood Drive end or through Isidinga Ridge. The start from Gateway area across the N2 footbridge and the ensuing route still brings a rider out at the flooded bridge, as turning right down Heartbreak Hill/DSW on exiting the cane loading siding is not allowed. Be very aware of current cane loading operations there and always give way to farm vehicles and employees.

New signs have been erected around the area for your guidance. Please ride only along the authorised routes. Pictures of the signs and where they are sited have been placed on the EMBA web page. under MAPS

Please be careful at the flooded bridge area as TH (thank you) are in the process of constructing a new one; so those of you with an aversion to wet feet may cross with impunity.

Finally a reminder: This is the third clause in the indemnity you signed with EMBA when applying for your licence to ride routes across Tongaat-Hulett land: will not ride with an unlicenced rider. I will not permit an unlicenced rider to ride with me and will politely inform said rider of the rules. I will, also, not permit a licenced rider who is without his/her bike board and licence to ride with me​”​ 

Temporary boards are available at recognised cycle shops and 24 hours per day at the Engen Garage at Mt. Edgecombe.

Ciao, Storm

Kind regards, Margie