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By: Margie

Umhlanga routes re-opened 15 Sept

Dear Rider​

{Please note quite a few riders are not getting the Bulk Mails.  When you receive this, please advise your friends accordingly.  I also put these notice onto EMBA face Book and the website.  I am currently looking into getting an SMS system which will be used in conjunction with the Bulk Mails.  You will get a notice stating that a newsletter has been sent.  If you don’t receive it on your emails, you can then read it either on facebook or the website.  We hope to introduce this, possible, next week.  Kind regards, Margie )


 lease read this notice carefully as there are a number of changes to the Mt. Edgecombe to Balitto routes you have been riding over the years that have now been closed to cyclists. The closures are effective immediately and prior to the routes being reopened.

​ There are yellow and black – EMBA No Entry to Riders​ – signs erected at the closed roadsides. (Photographs illustrating these have been posted to our Facebook page and placed on our web site).

Please look for the redirection signs and alternative routes created ​for your safety ​adjacent to those ​roads that are ​closed.


  • The Blue Route 6 – from the base of the hill opposite Blackburn Village to the Hillhead Farm office complex is now closed to cyclists. A new trail – Hamburger Hill – adjacent to and from the base of the aforementioned hill has been created as your alternative.
  • The Blue Route 5 is now closed to cyclists. (Route runs from Blackburn Village bridge under the N2 almost to the Umhlanga River lagoon then up towards Sibaya Casino where it ends crossing the Sibaya Casino link road from the N2).
  • The portion of the road on Red Route 9 which is the long hill that starts just past the old Blackburn Farm Office complex to the M27 (Umlothi/Verulam Road). A trail adjacent to the road called the Mamba Trail has been created as your alternative.


  • The farm N2 underpass (dark tunnel) has had a trench dug across it. Please be aware of this and exercise caution. A simple portage may be necessary to traverse the trench.

The routes and trails will be reopened with effect from 05h00 on Saturday 16th September 2017.

Your cooperation is anticipated and appreciated.

Regards,  Storm

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