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By: Margie

Public holiday 10 August, new route and GPS coordinates

Dear Rider

  1. Monday 10 August is a public holiday. This is a normal work day for TH, therefore WEEKDAY times will apply.
  1. GPS Co-Ordinates GPS co-ordinates for the Umhlanga region have now been put up onto the website.  (  Hopefully this will assist riders, and prevent straying out of bounds.

NB   If you have a problem downloading these or any queries re these, PLEASE don’t contact me- I haven’t a clue!!

Go-To-Person is Ewan   [email protected]

We are now working on the co-ordinates for the Shongweni routes.

  1. SHONGWENI NEW ROUTE  A very big thank you to TH and the Shongweni farm manager for allowing us a new route.  This is a part of the Sharks Stihl old route, and the map is now on the website.  (

Kind regards,



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