Ethekweni Mountain Bike Association

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By: Margie

Message to Govt re cycling during lockdown

Dear EMBA riders. Please try and submit as below- but it needs to be now, and maybe it will help!

“If you are a fit, healthy and active person of 60 years (actually any age)and older, who also wants to run, walk or cycle to strengthen your immunity during level 4 lockdown restrictions, please send an email request to [email protected] BEFORE MONDAY 12 NOON. If we don’t get this decision overturned, all people of 60 years and older will be forced to stay at home as per Minister Dlamini Zuma’s press conference announcement on Saturday. Please send this request on to all older people who you know exercise regularly. The more requests in this regard, the greater the chance of being heard. Thank you very much. “
NB NB You must reference/Head your submissions- Draft Document R Personal Movement item 4.

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