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By: Margie

Lockdown rules update 06 May 2020

Dear EMBA Rider

Follow up to last week’s message:  I have had numerous, virtual chats re the riding Monday-Friday 0600-0900.  Whilst the farmers are sympathetic, the decision has been that they are in the process of hauling cane and they cannot allow weekday rides in the mornings. This means that, as per normal EMBA/THS rules, there will be no EMBA riding during the week, until there is a relaxation from Govt which would allow our normal weekday afternoon rides.  Saturday/Sunday and Public Holidays ride times allow for an 0600-0900 ride, but you may not ride all day- ditto- re Govt regulated times.  And within the 5km from residence/ mask rule/ ID rule.

I have tried every avenue I can, SAPS, CIPC etc to get permission to maintain the trails.  We do not fall under Essential Service, or Special Circumstance rules and I have been rejected at each approach.  I find this strange as since Stage 4 gardeners, maintenance crews for gated properties, business parks etc all seem to be working, but sadly I don’t have the contacts for EMBA, and we cannot condone unauthorised work. This means that the trails are getting very overgrown- feel free to ride on my verge!  My understanding is that from Stage 3 we can continue maintenance work.

In the interim, keep safe, enjoy you fleeting morning freedom.

Kind regards, Margie

+27827142471    [email protected]

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