Ethekweni Mountain Bike Association

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By: Margie

EMBA routes during lockdown 27 April 2020

Dear EMBA riders. As most of you now the Govt has not yet reached a decision about cycling. The various National and Provincial bodies (CSA, CKZN, PPA, etc) are in discussion with Govt to try and get clarity and a resolution. In the interim, and until it is confirmed that cycling (MTB) is acceptable, the EMBA trails have to remain closed, and we urge you to accept this, for our safety and yours. As soon as there is a decision I am sure the peleton will convey the news faster than I can.

EMBA Is making every effort to ensure that when you get back on your bikes that the trails will be rideable.

Please keep safe and healthy, and as fit as is possible under the circumstances.

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