Applications to renew your EMBA licence for 2021 are now open.


 Please make sure that my second cell number

 +27 65 134 8076

 is added as a contact on your cell phone.  This is so that you will receive the Broadcast Whatsapp messages from EMBA.  This is the primary means of communication, and I will only send Emails to those who specifically request an Email. This is because when I send bulk emails the vast majority are rejected as SPAM.


As the Whatsapp debate rants on, please note the following:

I will continue to send out Broadcast Whatsapp messages.  Anyone who does not wish to receive messages in this format please let me know and you will be sent messages via Email.

I have extensively questioned and checked the pros and the cons, and am responsibly advised that tossing Whatsapp is not actually indicated.

I have investigated the pros and cons of Signal.  With Signal I can set up groups of 150 riders, but it is a chat group.  Your privacy is immediately lost as every one on the group now has access your  details.  In the Broadcast group only I have all the contact details.  Each person gets a personal message and only I get the response.  For large numbers, as far as I am concerned, a chat group is a nightmare as everyone chips in, the topic becomes irrelevant and any message becomes lost in the chatter.

Using Emails, I only send bulk mails as a BCC, so that, again, only I have the full list of contacts, and I only I receive the response.

Your 2020 EMBA board is valid until 31 December 2020.  The 2021 board can be used from 01 December 2020 



  1. THE APPLICATION FORM MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL.  The application form is an on-line form. This is required every year, as it incorporates the indemnity

New applicants must supply a digital photo.  Existing riders, please feel free to change your photo, unless your prefer the illusion of enternal youth.

Please indicate in the space provided on the form if you will need a board for the EMBA sticker.

We will again be issuing stickers to be adhered to your bike board.  You will issued with a blank board if you have lost or broken your existing board, or if you are a new applicant 

The following are the only Clubs affiliated to EMBA.  Being a member of an affiliated club is a requirement for an EMBA licence.  If you also plan to get a CSA licence for racing, any of these clubs can assist as they are all required to belong CKZN.

As background, EMBA was formed as an association of clubs who approached Tongaat Hulett for permission to use their land.  As per our agreement with them all riders who want an EMBA permit need to belong to one of the clubs that have signed the agreement with TH.

The contact details of each club can be found under Affiliated Clubs

 4.30 Club

Bring It On



Cycle Specialist  

                                                DMBC  have deregistered as a Cycling Club

East Coast Cycle Club

Giba Gorge


Leighs Cycle Centre

Melville Cycles

Razzlers MTB Club






  1. FEES FOR 2021

The fees for 2021 remain the same if you opt to pay in full at application, ie R600.00 per annum

The fee for a scholar/bone fide dependent remains at R250.00

New applicants   If you want to start riding before 01 December, 2020 (which is the date from which the new boards can be used) please contact Margie on [email protected]  or whatsapp   +27 65 134 8076

  1. Any rider who would prefer to pay monthly can now do so. This would be a monthly EFT of R60.00  (a dependant is R30.00).  If you chose this option you would need to pay the first instalment on application, and thereafter I will send a monthly reminder for the payment to be done on the 1st of each month
  1. A spouse in not defined as a dependent for an EMBA licence.
  1. A dependent is either a scholar, or a bone fide student (again a wife does not fall into this category)

PLEASE email proof of payment to me at: [email protected] or ask your bank to send a copy.

Bank Details:

ABSA Hillcrest

Cheque A/C number  406 9799 583

Branch Code 631126

Account Name: EMBA

Payment Reference:  Your Name


The current bike boards (blue) are valid until 31 December 2020.

The blue board licence will lapse from 01 January 2021.

The colour of the 2021boards will be LILAC

You may display your 2021 board and enjoy its riding privileges from   01 December onwards.


Please note delivery as outlined below only takes place during the very busy period- usually December and January.  Thereafter the system changes.

Cycle Logic Gillitts

Comm Radio,   23 Caefron Ave, Westville

+27 31 266 0370  

Cyclesphere, Morningside

Melville Cycles, Durban North

Leighs Cycle Centre Umhlanga

If you have any queries about of the contents of this mail, please contact me via :

[email protected]     

+27 82 714 2471  or   +27 65 134 8076

Kind regards, 



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